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Modular Workbench for Beginners | FREE PLANS


The ultimate workbench for beginners and people with a tight workshop. The two work benches latch together to create either a wider or longer surface. This build only uses one sheet of plywood and 2x4s. Plus, you can build another set to make even larger tables! Products Used Toggle Latch Clamps: 🤍 4" Heavy Duty Casters: 🤍 90 degree positional clamps: 🤍 Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig 310 (Budget Version): 🤍 Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig 720 (This is the new design of the one I use most often): 🤍 100'' Straight Edge Saw guide: 🤍 DEWALT circular saw: 🤍 DEWALT impact driver & hammer drill: 🤍 DEWALT bit set: 🤍 Gorilla glue: 🤍 6'' Clamps: 🤍 12" Clamps: 🤍 FREE PLANS If you're downloading these plans all I ask is that you please SUBSCRIBE! Thanks! 🤍 Filming Equipment Canon EOS M50 camera 🤍 Tripod(best tripod ever) 🤍 Hand held Tripod 🤍 Universal camera mount 🤍 Lavalier Microphone 🤍 RODE wireless GO microphone 🤍 Directional Microphone 🤍 Adjustable Lights 🤍 Set lights(mainly all that I use) 🤍 Bear Mountain Build things Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Bear Mountain Builds (Free Plans): 🤍

🤜 W O R K B E N C H 🤛


This is a full version of my split top woodworking workbench building process. Time code: 00:05 base build 11:10 table top 18:38 leg vise 29:07 tail vise 42:15 drawers 46:29 sliding deadman 51:23 review Free PDF plans: 🤍 Detailed 3D model: 🤍 This file you can open in Sketchup 2019 or latest versions Watch all parts more detailded here: 🤍 More free plans I ever made: 🤍 Support GRINwood: PayPal: grinwooddesigns🤍 Thanks for watching and hope this video was helpful. GRINwood shop: 🤍 Follow GRINwood: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Music: Demilitarized Zone - Ethan Meixsell Parasail - Silent Partner #woodworking #diy #GRINwoodtools . Would you like to use my videos in your media projects? Please contact me: grinwooddesigns🤍

How to Build a Sturdy Workbench Using Cheap Wood


How to Build a Sturdy and Affordable Workbench from cheap 2x4, 2x6, or 2x8 lumber Video sponsored by TimberlandPRO check out the gear Radius Knit Slip On: 🤍 Base Plate Tee: 🤍 🔴 Get the Workbench Plans here: 🤍 Cheap Lumber from Home Depot: (7) 12' 2x6 🤍 $13.52 ea and (4) 8' 2x8 🤍 $10.88 ea for a total of $138.16 before tax as of 10/17/22 in Nashville 🎥 What to Watch Next: Sturdy Workbench Storage Upgrades: 🤍 Shop Storage Playlist: 🤍 Easy Mobile Wood Cart: 🤍 13 Easy Ways to Organize a Messy Woodworking Shop: 🤍 ➤Plans from this build: Sturdy 2x4 Workbench - 🤍 Modular Garage Cabinets bundle (Save 30%) - 🤍 ➤Join the FTBT Builders Club!!! 🤍 More content, early access, FREE plans, video credits ➤Tools/Supplies Used (affiliate): 🟡 Inventables X-Carve - 🤍 🟡 Easel Pro Software - 🤍 🔵 Total Boat High Performance: 🤍 (2022 10% off code: FIXTHISTB) 🟢 ISOtunes Bluetooth Hearing Protection - 🤍 (10% off code: FTBT) Kreg Track Saw & 62” Rail - 🤍 Kreg 720 Pro Pocket Hole Jig - 🤍 Jointer - 🤍 Planer - 🤍 Wood River Low Angle Jack Plane - 🤍 Wood River Low Angle Block Plane - 🤍 ¾” Auger Bit for Cordless Drills - 🤍 Auger Bit 3 piece set - 🤍 Cordless Drill Press Attachment - 🤍 Extended Wood Glue - 🤍 Pull Saw - 🤍 Rubio Monocoat Finish - 🤍 Milwaukee M12 Surge Impact Driver - 🤍 Dewalt Atomic 20V Drill - 🤍 ➤Support the FTBT Channel: Buy FTBT Woodworking Plans: 🤍 Buy FTBT Merch: 🤍 Links to My Tools & Gear: 🤍 Subscribe: 🤍 ➤Thank you to these partners for supporting my channel. Go check them out! Woodcraft: 🤍 Kreg Tool: 🤍 ISOtunes: 🤍 (10% off code: FTBT) TimberlandPRO: 🤍 ➤FOLLOW ME on Social Media: Instagram - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Pinterest - 🤍 ➤Referenced people/videos: Music Licensed through Epidemic Sound - Get a FREE month: 🤍




Four Workbench Building Mistakes (that we all make).


Avoid these common mistakes and make your first workbench last for years. More video and exclusive content: 🤍 Take the NEW Minimum Timber Bench Course!: 🤍 Build the Quick-Stack Workbench My most recent bench design is portable! The Quick-Stack bench breaks down into 6 manageable pieces that can be easily moved or stored when you're not working. When you need your bench, you can assemble it in 3 minutes and the only tool you need is a mallet. Watch the FREE Build Video: 🤍 Take the build-along course: 🤍 Get the Plans: 🤍 *When you buy the course, the complete plans are included for FREE. This course will guide you step-by-step in the process of putting together your bench. Make sure you grab the plans to follow along with: 🤍 - Build the English Joiners Bench!: (Links Below) Video: 🤍 Plans: 🤍 Build your own Vises! Leg Vise Video: 🤍 Plans: 🤍 Build a Traditional Twin Screw Vise Video: 🤍 Add a Planing Stop & Holdfasts to your Bench Video: 🤍 Plans: 🤍 Get all the plans to build your own: - Joiner's Bench - Leg Vise - Planing Stop & Holdfast with the Complete Joiner's Bench Bundle! 40 pages, full color, only $10!: 🤍 Become a member of this channel! Get custom badges and emojis you can use during chats: 🤍 Sign up for Fabrication First, my FREE newsletter: 🤍 Wood Work for Humans Tool List (affiliate): *Cutting* Gyokucho Ryoba Saw: 🤍 Dewalt Panel Saw: 🤍 Suizan Dozuki Handsaw: 🤍 (Winner of the affordable dovetail-saw shootout.) Spear and Jackson Tenon Saw: 🤍 (Needs tune-up to work well.) Crown Tenon Saw: 🤍 (Works out of the box) Carving Knife: 🤍 Narex True Imperial Chisels: 🤍 (My favorite affordable new chisels.) Blue-Handled Marples Chisels: 🤍 (I use these to make the DIY specialty planes, but I also like them for general work.) *Sharpening* Honing Guide: 🤍 Norton Coarse/Fine Oil Stone: 🤍 Natural Arkansas Fine Oil Stone: 🤍 Green buffing compound: 🤍 *Marking and Measuring* Stockman Knife: 🤍 (For marking and the built-in awl). Speed Square: 🤍 Stanley Marking Knife: 🤍 (Excellent, inexpensive marking knife.) Blue Kreg measuring jig: 🤍 Round-head Protractor: 🤍 *Drilling* Forstener Bits: 🤍 Spade Bits: 🤍 *Work-Holding* Orange F Clamps: 🤍 Screw Clamp: 🤍 Get my woodturning book: 🤍 Follow me on Instagram: 🤍rexkrueger



WORKBENCH PLANS: 🤍 US & CANADIAN AFFILIATE LINKS DOWELMAX 3/8" Kit: 🤍 DOWELMAX 1/2" Expansion: 🤍 PROJECT PARTS: M10 threaded inserts: 🤍 Adjustable Leg Leveler for Workbench: 🤍 22” Full Extension Soft-Close Drawer Slides: 🤍 Gorilla Wood Glue, 18 Ounce (Pack of 2): 🤍 Workbench Caster kit 3", Pack of 4: 🤍 ¼” Spiral Down-Cut Carbide Router Bit: 🤍 ¼” Spiral Down-Cut Carbide Flush Trim Router Bit: 🤍 Brass Router Template Bushing Guides Set: 🤍 Router Subbase Centering Pin and Cone: 🤍 3/16” Dowels: 🤍 20mm x ¼” Shank Router Bit: 🤍 20mm Forstner Bit: 🤍 Matte Black Drawer Pulls, 5”, 15 Pack: 🤍 POWERTEC Quick-Release Caster Plates, 4-Pack: 🤍 TOOLS Dust Extractor: 🤍 Anti-Static Hose Attachment: 🤍 Drill and Driver: 🤍 Countersink Drill Bit: 🤍 Dado Stack: 🤍 3/32" Round Over Bit: 🤍 Circular Saw: 🤍 Random Orbit Sander: 🤍 Table Saw Blade: 🤍 Dado Stack: 🤍 Mallet: 🤍 Forstner Bits: 🤍 Countersink With Stop: 🤍 Countersink w/o Stop: 🤍 Self-Centering Bits: 🤍 SUPPLIES Sandpaper: 🤍 Green Tape: 🤍 Glue: 🤍 CA Glue: 🤍 CA Accelerator: 🤍 Silicone Glue Brush: 🤍 _ INSTAGRAM: 🤍 _ MUSIC: Epidemic Sound Use my referral link and start your free 30-day trial: 🤍

The Cosman Workbench - Cheap, Easy, and BEST WORKBENCH EVER


The Cosman Workbench is the last workbench you will ever own. The Workbench is the most important tool for the hand tool woodworker, but until now a quality workbench was either too expensive to buy or too complicated to build. Rob solved both of these problems with The Cosman Workbench. While creating a quality workbench for professionals and beginners alike, he minimized the cost and skill to build his workbench. Made out of readily available materials, Rob's workbench has no difficult joinery and can be built in a weekend. If you like our content please LIKE us, SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel, and RING THE BELL to be notified whenever we release a new video. _ THE COSMAN WORKBENCH BUILD VIDEO: 🤍 SJOBERG VISE:🤍 COSMANIZED CASTER SET:🤍 THE COSMANWORKBENCH 3D PLANS: 🤍 *FREE ONE MONTH CODE FOR ROB'S ONLINE WORKSHOP: 7dZHvNHb * ROB'S ONLINE WORKSHOP - 🤍 * SUBSCRIBE TO ROB"S MONTHLY WOODWORKING TIPS NEWSLETTER - 🤍 * QUESTIONS — Have a question about the Tools, Techniques, or Anything Else you saw in this video? Post your question in the comments section of this video! * VISIT OUR STORE - To learn more or purchase any of the tools you saw Rob use in this video, please visit our retail store at 🤍 * SUBSCRIBE TO ROB'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL - 🤍 * LEARN ABOUT ROB'S PURPLE HEART PROJECT: 🤍 * DONATE TO THE PURPLE HEART PROJECT: 🤍 * FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: FACEBOOK - 🤍 INSTAGRAM - 🤍

1 Month in 10 Minutes! This Skillful Man Build a Workbench With 20 Functions


People who work in their workshop and do DIY works definitely need a workbench. That's why in this video we showed you how to make a workbench. This workbench we have made has more functions than you have ever seen before, this workbench that you can do with simple tools in your own garage has 20 different functions. You can watch how to make a simple, functional, solid, easy-to-build workbench with drawers in this video called how to make a workbench, the most functional workbench.

Don't Make These 5 Mistakes When Building Your Workbench!


Don't waste valuable time or money on a woodworking workbench by avoiding these 5 mistakes! And if you stick around I'll give you a couple bonus mistakes to avoid. I will also share how much it cost me to build my BIG workbench. *Videos To Watch Next* Workbench Build Video: 🤍 Router Table Build Video: 🤍 PLANS and MERCH: 🤍 *Products I Use and Recommend* Amazon and other affiliate links are used in this description and they help support this channel. Odie's Oil: 🤍 Hardwood Dealer: 🤍 Total Boat Epoxy 🤍 use code 731woodworks to save Join this channels membership to get access to exclusive member only livestreams, discounts, and other perks: 🤍 You can support us on Patreon as well 🤍 0:00 Intro 0:37 Workbench Should be Flat and Level 2:24 Workbench Height? 3:52 What Size Workbench Do I Need? 4:57 Workbench Cost? 7:55 What Finish To Use On a Workbench? 9:07 Workbench Storage Ideas 10:20 A Square Workbench is a Happy Workbench

Watch This Before Building a Workbench for Woodworking


5 features that are important when building or buying your first workbench for hand tool woodworking. Links mentioned in the video: ✪ My Workbench Guide: 🤍 ✪ Buy a New Custom-made Portable Moravian Workbench here: 🤍 ✪ This is the best source I've found for workbench vise hardware: 🤍 ✪ My Hand Tool Buyer's Guides: 🤍 ✪ My Power Tool Buyer's Guides: 🤍 ✪ 58 Second Moravian Workbench Assembly: 🤍 ✪ Desk build videos that show how to make mortise & tenon legs: 🤍 ✪ Subscribe to my channel for regular woodworking tutorials, workshop tours, & reviews: 🤍 ✪ Get free woodworking updates, tips, and workshop tours in our regular email newsletter: 🤍 ✪ Visit our website for amazing traditional woodworking lessons & projects: 🤍 ✪ Watch our Amazing Woodworking Workshop Tours: 🤍 ✪ See my Traditional Woodworking School: 🤍 ✪ Join my free Hand Tool Woodworking Forum: 🤍 ✪ Shop at my Traditional Woodworker's Store: 🤍

Building A Sturdy Mobile Workbench with Wheel Casters / Woodworking


I have created a new workbench to use in my new workshop. I love this style of workbench. *Tools List (Affiliate)* ▶ My tools on Amazon : 🤍 ▶ MBOLT Amazon(US Only) : 🤍 ▶ MBOLT Shopify : 🤍 ▶ Front Vise : 🤍 ▶ Hand Cut Saws : 🤍 ▶ Milwaukee Surge : 🤍 ▶ Figure 8 hardware : 🤍

MASSIVE Outfeed and Assembly Table / The Ultimate Workbench


✅️ GET THE PROJECT PLANS: ► Assembly Outfeed Table: 🤍 ► Build My Shop Plan Bundle (Save 50%) - 🤍 ► The Whole Enchilada Plan Bundle (Save 65%) - 🤍 🔴 SUBSCRIBE to my channel: 🤍 ✅️ WHAT TO WATCH NEXT ►Organize Any Shop - 🤍 ►Five Drill Press Upgrades - 🤍 ►Peter Millard's video on making an MFT dog hole top - 🤍 ► How to Use UJK The Parf Guide System - 🤍 ✅️ TOOLS AND SUPPLIES IN THIS VIDEO: ►UJK Parf Guide – 🤍 ►Wood Glue – 🤍 ►Festool Domino XL – 🤍 ►Doweling jig – 🤍 ►Countersink Drill Bit - 🤍 ►Mallet – 🤍 ►Tape Measure – 🤍 ►Speed Square – 🤍 ►Jig Saw – 🤍 ►Drill/Driver set – 🤍 ►Pocket Hole Jig System – 🤍 ►Dado Blade Set – 🤍 ►¾” Pipe Clamps (clamps only) – 🤍 ►Small F Clamps – 🤍 ►Adjustable Levelling Feet (x6) – 🤍 ►½” Drill Bit – 🤍 ►Self Centering Drill Bit – 🤍 ►80/20 Rails (780mm & 1143mm) – 🤍 ►Drop in T Bolts (x12) – 🤍 ►6mm Washers (x12) - 🤍 ►6mm Nuts (x12) - 🤍 ►Festool Clamps - 🤍 ►Microjig Clamps – 🤍 ►Formica Laminate (4x8 sheet) – 🤍 ►Laminate Scoring Tool – 🤍 ►Contact Cement – 🤍 ►Laminate Roller – 🤍 ►Trim Router – 🤍 ►1” Rabbeting Bit – 🤍 ►Undermount Drawer Slides (21”) – 🤍 ►Undermount Drawer Slides (15”) – 🤍 ►Drawer Pulls – 🤍 ✅️ HOW TO SUPPORT MY CHANNEL ►NEW MWA Woodworks Logo Merch! 🤍 ►DOWNLOADABLE BUILD PLANS - 🤍 LINKS TO ALL THE TOOLS I USE IN MY SHOP ►🤍 *Disclaimer – As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Drill Charging Station with Storage In this video I'm creating 50 inches of awesome new organization for my shop! ✅️ WHERE YOU CAN FIND ME - ►Downloadable Project Plans : 🤍 ►My Website: 🤍 ►Instagram: 🤍 ►Pinterest: 🤍 ►Facebook: 🤍 - ⏱️ Chapters 00:00 Intro 00:21 Cutting Frame Parts 03:00 Joinery 04:20 Frame Assembly 07:45 Cutting and Installing Cabinets 10:19 Making Drawers 14:26 Aluminum Rails 15:30 Making the Top Table Saw Outfeed and Assembly Table #shopproject#woodworkingproject#diyprojects

Building a Workbench With Storage in Less Than One Hour - Only One Plywood Sheet and Some 2x4's


❤️️ 1 Hour Workbench Plans: 🤍 A workbench does not always need fancy joinery and vices. This simple workbench is quick to build (less than one hour) and it can be used for lots of different woodworking tasks. It's built using only one plywood sheet and some 2x4 lumber. For extra strength you can add glue if you want. Measurements: The legs are 88 cm The top is 200x70 cm The shelf is 200x50 cm Thanks for watching, and don't forget to subscribe!

How To Build A Workbench - The Best Way


DIY instructions how to build a workbench the best way. These simple to follow steps explain how to build a strong, sturdy workbench that will last you a lifetime. Plus, these plans use normal everyday lumber without the need for a lot of specialty tools. Do you want to build the ultimate workbench that will stand up to the tuffest jobs? This is a must build. Website: 🤍 Materials needed: Three 8 foot 4x4's Five 10 foot 2x4's Two 8 foot 1x1's Four 8 foot 2x8's Four 8 foot long 5 1/2'' wide deck boards 24 five inch 5/16'' lag screws 8 three inch 5/16'' lag screws 32 5/16'' washers 1 box 1-5/8'' construction screws 1 box 2.5'' construction screws 1 box 3'' multi-material screws

How To Build A Workbench For Your Garage | Easy 2x4 DIY!


Find the plans for this workbench here: 🤍 (hurry! Free only until 11/15/21) Watch how I added wall outlets here: 🤍 My other workbench (and shop) videos: 🤍 In this video I'm showing you how I built a very easy workbench for my garage! This is an easy 2x4/plywood project that can be built in an afternoon and utilizing a lot of scraps. It's so nice to have a place to tinker, and keep tools, in my garage now. Subscribe: 🤍 | Website: 🤍 Watch the newest videos: 🤍 Things I Used in This Project: ISOtunes Hearing Protection: 🤍 (use code APRIL for 10% off) Stealth Mask Respirator: 🤍 (use code APRIL for 10% off) Crescent Extendable Speed Square: 🤍 Triton Multitool: 🤍 ToughBuilt Kneepads: 🤍 Reelcraft Cord Reel: 🤍 DAP Weldwood Wood Glue: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 🤍 Watch more videos! Shop Projects: 🤍 Outdoor Projects: 🤍 Most Popular: 🤍 Want to support me? Support the companies that support me: Triton Tools: 🤍 ISOtunes: 🤍 Armor Tool: 🤍 Welcome to the official April Wilkerson YouTube channel! I’m April and I’m the creator of Wilker Do’s. I am an obsessed DIYer and Woodworker. I'm not professional or have any training, so I just pick the project I want to tackle and figure it out step by step. On this channel you will find a variety of content like DIY home improvement, How-To’s, construction, design and more! #AprilWilkerson #workbench #diy Save 50% or more on your SimpliSafe security system during their biggest sale of the year. Visit 🤍 to learn more! Check out the Maker offer from SOLIDWORKS: 🤍 20% off ‘buy now’ link for my viewers: 🤍

MySQL Workbench Tutorial | Introduction To MySQL Workbench | SQL Basics For Beginners | Simplilearn


"This MySQL Workbench Tutorial video will give you an introduction to MySQL workbench and how to install MySQL windows. You learn the different functionalities of MySQL workbench and the editions available for use. You will understand how to set up a connection, and look at the different panes available on the MySQL workbench. You will get hands-on experience working with basic SQL commands. Below are the topics that you will learn: 00:00 What is MySQL Workbench? 01:05 MySQL Workbench functionalities 02:57 MySQL Workbench editions 04:02 MySQL Installation 07:10 MySQL Demo" "🔥Explore our FREE Courses: 🤍 ✅Subscribe to our Channel to learn more about the top Technologies: 🤍 ⏩ Check out the SQL training videos: 🤍 #MySQLWorkbenchTutorial #MySQLWorkBench #WhatIsMySQLWorkBench #IntroductionToSQLWorkbench #SQL #SQLForBeginners #SQLTutorial #SQLCourse #SQLTraining #Simplilearn ✅What is MySQL Workbench? MySQL Workbench is a graphical tool for working with MySQL servers and databases. You can use the workbench for Server Administration, creating Entity Relationship Diagrams and running SQL queries. SQL Certification Training Course: Master SQL and improve your career prospects with Simplilearn’s SQL Database Training Course. Functional knowledge of SQL (Structured Query Language), the leading programming language for relational database management systems, is in high demand and can set you apart in the job market. This SQL certification course gives you all of the information you need to successfully start working with SQL databases and make use of the database in your applications. Learn how to correctly structure your database, author efficient SQL statements, and clauses, and manage your SQL database for scalable growth. Key Features: ✅ In-depth coverage of SQL fundamentals ✅ Covers all of the important query tools and SQL commands ✅ Industry-recognized course completion certificate ✅ Lifetime access to self-paced learning Benefits: SQL, though an old language, is highly significant today as companies across the world are gathering massive amounts of data for their growth. SQL consistently ranks high in the most-requested tech skills and learning it will add great value to your array of skills. Eligibility: This online SQL certification course is ideal for freshers, programmers, software developers, and testing professionals who want to learn SQL. It’s also ideal for marketing professionals and salespeople who want to better understand their company’s data. Pre-requisites: There are no prerequisites for this database training course. This course can be taken up by anyone who wants to learn SQL. 👉Learn more at: 🤍 🔥Explore our FREE Courses: 🤍 For more updates on courses and tips follow us on: - Facebook: 🤍 - Twitter: 🤍 - LinkedIn: 🤍 - Website: 🤍 - Instagram: 🤍 - Telegram Mobile: 🤍 - Telegram Desktop: 🤍 Get the Android app: 🤍 Get the iOS app: 🤍

The PERFECT Woodworking Workbench // How To Build The Ultimate Hybrid Workholding Bench


How to make the PERFECT woodworking workbench! This massive hybrid bench (part French Roubo, part German Holtzapffel, and part English Nicholson) gives you the ultimate in work holding abilities! "WORKBENCH PLANS" 🤍 "WORKBENCH LUMBER PACKS" 🤍 Hardwood lumber packs for this workbench are available through L.L. Johnson Lumber/Johnsons Workbench in Charlotte MI. Packs can be picked up in store or delivered to your house anywhere in the US. They will mill the lumber for FREE, and if you order before 9/9/2018 you will get an additional discount on the lumber. They straight-line rip one edge, mill flat and smooth both faces so all you have to do is follow the plans and rip the boards to proper width, cut to length, glue up, cut joinery, and assemble. No further milling should be needed. OPTIONS: HARD MAPLE 6ft - 7ft Bench ~ $907 8ft - 9ft Bench ~ $1063 RED OAK 6ft - 7ft Bench ~ $698 8ft - 9ft Bench ~ $822 WHITE OAK 6ft - 7ft Bench ~ $1107 8ft - 9ft Bench ~ $1300 Prices do not include shipping or tax as those will vary from location to location. Lumber pack prices may also vary. TO ORDER OR TO RECEIVE MORE PRICING INFO: ~~~ Email Adam at adam🤍 ~~~ or call (517) 543-1660 "VERITAS TWIN-SCREW VISE" 🤍 "VERITAS QUICK RELEASE VISE" 🤍 "VERITAS BENCH DOGS, PRAIRIE DOGS, ACCESSORIES" 🤍 "HOLD FASTS" 🤍 "MERCHANDISE" 🤍 "MY WEBSITE" 🤍 "MY FAVORITE TOOLS" 🤍 "SUPPORT ME ON PATREON AND GET COOL REWARDS!!!" 🤍 Instagram 🤍 Facebook 🤍 Videography and Editing Marlon J Torres 🤍 marlonjt2192🤍 DISCLAIMER: Woodworking and the use of power and hand tools can be extremely dangerous. You are responsible for understanding the safe use of your tools and techniques. Your safety is YOUR responsibility, I accept NO responsibility or liability for any injuries, accidents, death occurring to you or others if you attempt to do the things that I do or use advice that I give.

Giant woodwork workbench build


Giant woodwork workbench build video

Making a 10 in 1 Workbench


Inexpensive multifunctional workbench for installation in small workshop. Plan 🤍 02:17 FRAME 04:47 DUST COLLECTOR 09:20 STORAGE 13:34 TRIMMER 15:08 PLANER 17:55 CIRCULAR SAW 19:14 JIGSAW 20:03 ANGLE GRINDER 25:10 DESKTOP DUST COLLECTOR 27:20 MITER SAW DUST COLLECTOR VC-1100 683400A TRIMMER MTR-42F PLANER ML-83S CIRCULAR SAW MW-46A 610509A JIGSAW MJ-50A 615918A ANGLE GRINDER GA402DZ MITER SAW LS0612FL I'm an amateur, but I'm interested in DIY, so I collected tools little by little. I turned an 11 m² Japanese-style room in an empty house into a work room.🤍 It's narrow and budget-low, so I've set up this multifunctional workbench. Tools are expensive, but the material cost of this workbench is inexpensive. It is convenient and recommended. By this time, I hadn't made push sticks or something like that yet, so I'm using my hands. If you use your hands, be careful of injuries. Add safety guards if necessary. Music : avalanche-instrumental-version by low-light Artlist hometown-show by paper-planes Artlist

Portable & Affordable Workbench for Small Spaces


Use the code: 3X3CUSTOM130 to get $130 off plus free shipping on your first box at 🤍 ! Huge thanks to Ariat Work for sponsoring this video, my new overalls are the only reason I was out there building! Save 10% off your first order - 🤍 My Favorite Items - 🤍 As always, thanks to Woodcraft for sponsoring what I do. You will love using all your WoodRiver hand tools on this bench! Find anything you need to make beautiful woodworking projects here - 🤍 Find the plans for this bench HERE - 🤍 For more details, check out my website - 🤍 Jay Bates' video I mentioned - 🤍 WOODCRAFT LINKS #62 Low Angle Jack Plane: 🤍 Low Angle Block Plane: 🤍 Chisels: 🤍 Miter Gauge: 🤍 Green Pencil I Was Using: 🤍 Center Finding Ruler: 🤍 Calipers: 🤍 Small Combo Square: 🤍 Marking Knife: 🤍 TAYTOOLS LINKS Twin Screw Vise Kit: 🤍 Knobs for Plane Stops: 🤍 Overdrive Bits for Dog Holes: 🤍 Thread Locker: 🤍 Steel Guide Bushing: 🤍 Bench Dogs: 🤍 In-Line Bench Dog Screw Clamps: 🤍 Vertical Bench Dog Screw Clamps: 🤍 Cork Rubber: 🤍 AMAZON (affiliate) LINKS Drill Bit Extender: 🤍 3" Hanger Bolts (you will need 2 sets of these to get 4): 🤍 5" Lag Bolts: 🤍 Holdfasts: 🤍 Push Stick: 🤍 Little Blue Square: 🤍 My Amazon Store - 🤍 _ My Recording Equipment Camera: 🤍 Shotgun Mic: 🤍 Lav Mic: 🤍 Voiceover Mic: 🤍 _ FOLLOW Website - 🤍 Subscribe - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 _ Links above are affiliate links, I make a small commission if you click on them at no extra cost to you. clicking on them really helps me continue to make more projects :) #workbench

How to Choose a Woodworking Workbench


Take a closer look at classic workbench designs & and pick the right one for YOU. More video and exclusive content: 🤍 Take the NEW Minimum Timber Bench Course!: 🤍 Build the Quick-Stack Workbench My most recent bench design is portable! The Quick-Stack bench breaks down into 6 manageable pieces that can be easily moved or stored when you're not working. When you need your bench, you can assemble it in 3 minutes and the only tool you need is a mallet. Watch the FREE Build Video: 🤍 Take the build-along course: 🤍 Get the Plans: 🤍 *When you buy the course, the complete plans are included for FREE. This course will guide you step-by-step in the process of putting together your bench. Make sure you grab the plans to follow along with: 🤍 English Joiner's Bench Plans: 🤍 Video: 🤍 Lightweight Traveler's Bench Plans: 🤍 Video: 🤍 Workbench Related Videos Four Workbench Building Mistakes (that we all make) 🤍 Joinery for Knock-Down Workbenches 🤍 Resources for Bench Builders Landis, The Workbench Book (Lost Art Reissue): 🤍 Schwarz, The Anarchists's Workbench (Lost Art): 🤍 (FREE download: 🤍 Schwarz, Workbenches: From Theory and Design to Construction and Use (Popular Woodworking Books) 🤍 (*affiliate link) Schwarz, Ingenious Mechaniks: Early Workbenches and Workholding (Lost Art) 🤍 Siemsen, The Naked Woodworker DVD (Lost Art) 🤍 Siemsen's Video on using his bench: 🤍 Maguire "How to Build a Workbench" (Self Published) 🤍 Wil Meyer's site with lots of information on the Moravian Bench: 🤍 Rob Cosman's Bench: 🤍 - Get My New Book, Everyday Woodworking: 🤍 Check out my new site: Become a member of this channel! Get custom badges and emojis you can use during chats: 🤍 Sign up for Fabrication First, my FREE newsletter: 🤍 Wood Work for Humans Tool List (affiliate): *Cutting* Gyokucho Ryoba Saw: 🤍 Dewalt Panel Saw: 🤍 Suizan Dozuki Handsaw: 🤍 (Winner of the affordable dovetail-saw shootout.) Spear and Jackson Tenon Saw: 🤍 (Needs tune-up to work well.) Crown Tenon Saw: 🤍 (Works out of the box) Carving Knife: 🤍 Narex True Imperial Chisels: 🤍 (My favorite affordable new chisels.) Blue-Handled Marples Chisels: 🤍 (I use these to make the DIY specialty planes, but I also like them for general work.) *Sharpening* Honing Guide: 🤍 Norton Coarse/Fine Oil Stone: 🤍 Natural Arkansas Fine Oil Stone: 🤍 Green buffing compound: 🤍 *Marking and Measuring* Stockman Knife: 🤍 (For marking and the built-in awl). Speed Square: 🤍 Stanley Marking Knife: 🤍 (Excellent, inexpensive marking knife.) Blue Kreg measuring jig: 🤍 Round-head Protractor: 🤍 *Drilling* Forstener Bits: 🤍 Spade Bits: 🤍 *Work-Holding* Orange F Clamps: 🤍 Screw Clamp: 🤍 Get my woodturning book: 🤍 Follow me on Instagram: 🤍rexkrueger

DIY Mobile Workbench with Dewalt DW745


👉🏻YOU NEED TO BUY THIS AMAZING 3D PRINTER!! 👉🏻Product Link- 🤍 Wood You Do It Currently, I´m building my workshop interior and decided to build myself an outfeed table/assembly/workbench to incorporate my DeWalt DW745 (European model) table saw. I designed It with SketchUp and build it using 12 10cmx5cm framing wood pine, 1 sheet of 16mm grey Valchromat for the top, and 1 sheet of 12mm OSB for the bottom top. 48 lag screws 6x80mm. The total cost was around 200$ including screws, glue, and casters. Size: 234cmx100cmx92cm 🌎 Follow me on Instagram: 🤍 If you would consider supporting my channel I would be very grateful, please feel free to donate to my PayPal 🌎 PayPal account. 🤍 You can also buy me a coffee here 😃 🤍 🌎 My Website 🤍 FREE FILES AVAILABLE IN METRIC AND IMPERIAL LINK TO FREE PDF FILE AND SketchUp FILE 🤍 Please remember to SUBSCRIBE and hit the BELL for all my latest videos to my channel at 🤍 Are you going to make one just like mine? Share with me the final result by sending photos or videos to djpedrog🤍

Smartbench Workbench


The one-wall DIY workbench/makerspace that is loaded with features like a replaceable top, total adjustability, room underneath for a rolling tool chest, and more. I also added a row of metal pegboards that are simply better than any pegboard I've seen. Blog with more details and measurements: 🤍 Curious about the large pre-fabbed table in this video? Here ya go! 🤍 0:00 Intro 0:27 Removing Old Workbench 0:46 Best Pegboard Design 1:47 More Demolition 2:00 Aluminum Workbench Material 2:54 Attaching Workbench To Wall 4:43 Rolling Tool Chest Under Workbench 5:38 Attaching Bench To Concrete Slab 6:29 Workbench Material 7:25 Sacrificial Workbench Top 8:07 New Miter Saw 8:21 Shimming With Playing Cards 8:40 Extending Electrical Outlets 9:34 Pegboard Organization 10:28 Miter Saw Dust Collection 11:10 New Rolling Workbench Items used in this video: Wall Control Panels: 🤍 Horizontal Panels: 🤍 Wall Control accessories: 🤍 Husky workbench 62": 🤍 Husky workbench 46": 🤍 Miter saw: 🤍 Jigsaw: 🤍 Aluminum Extrusion 97": 🤍 Extrusion 48": 🤍 T nuts: 🤍 Extrusion brackets: 🤍 Metal saw: 🤍 Concrete drill: 🤍 Concrete anchors: 🤍 Build a table saw like mine: 🤍 electrical box extenders: 🤍 Viewtainer set: 🤍 Tapered drill bit set: 🤍 Dust separator: 🤍 iVac products: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Simple but Highly Functional WORKBENCH with Table Saw and Miter Saw Stations


Projects Plans Now Available: 🤍 This week I made a multifunction workbench out of 2x4s and plywood. This workbench packs a lot of functionality in a small size. It is perfect for a small garage woodshop. It works as a table saw outfeed table as well miter saw station. Check out the video to see how to build it! 🤍 Stuff I used: Workbench Casters: 🤍 Folding Japanese Pull Saw: 🤍 10" Sliding Compound Miter Saw: 🤍 Cordless Brad Nailer: 🤍 📺Subscribe for more videos - 🤍 📸Follow on Instagram - 🤍 #workbench #mitersawstation #outfeedtable #shopprojects

How to make A Workbench | DIY WOODWORKING


In this video, I will be making a multipurpose workbench from 2 by 4 and plywood. All my woodworking plans 🤍 Building this workbench has really changed the work I work in my shop. I keep two toolboxes underneath for my most used tools. Being able to hang drills and measuring tapes on the side is very handy. My favorite part is being able to store tools I want in the shop, but do not want to build a workbench for. The T-Track on the side works great for holding materials. This workbench is made from 3/4in plywood and 2by4. Get the plans here 🤍 Materials List (Affiliate Links) • (11) - Lumber 2in. x 4in. x 8ft (Frame) • (2) - Plywood 3/4 in. 4ft x 8ft (Top, bottom shelf and storage) • (1) - 48in. T-Track (Cut in half) 🤍 • (12) - #6 x 3/4in Screw (for the T-Track) 🤍 • (38) - #8 x 3/4in. Wood screw (For brackets) 🤍 • (19) - 2in. x 2in. Corner Bracket (need two packs) 🤍 • (46) - # 8 x 1-1/2in. Wood screw (Bottom shelf, storage mount, and foot pad) • (50) - 2-1/2in. Pocket Hole Screws Wood screw (Frame) 🤍 • (4) - 5in Workbench Casters 🤍 • (16) - #12 X 1in wood screw (Caster mount) • (16) - Washer for the caster screw • (1) - 32in x 1-1/4in. x 1/16in. Aluminum angle • (8) - #6 X 3/4in wood screw (Mount the Aluminum angle) Tools List • Circular saw 🤍 • K5 Pocket hole jig 🤍 • Drill 🤍 • Clamps • Router and 3/4in router bit • Hand saw 🤍 • Chisel 🤍 • Sander • Kreg bench clamps 🤍 • RIDGID R8660B 18v cordless drywall screwdriver 🤍 More From DIY Creators My Woodworking Plans: 🤍 Help me make more Video: 🤍 YouTube: Subscribe & "RING the Bell": 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍

DIY Mobile Workbench with Table Saw & Router Table / Ep 1


This is the first video in a five-part series where I'll show you how to build a robust and versatile woodworking bench to which I'll also attach my new bench table saw and a router table. I'm going to install two folding tables to save space when I'm not using my bench, as well as to have more space to work when necessary. I'll also make a sliding carriage for more accurate and comfortable crosscuts. Plans for this project: 🤍 Mobile Workbench Blog Article: 🤍 Bench Saw and boards for the Mobile Workbench: 🤍 All Mobile Workbench Videos: 🤍 Where to obtain materials and tools that I use: Multi-Function Workbench Plans: 🤍 Band Saw Plans: 🤍 Workbench Accessories: 🤍 Follow: 🤍 🤍 🤍 #woodworking #workbench #tablesaw #routertable #diy

GREAT Bench. CHEAP Wood.


I show how to make a huge workbench with 2x6 construction lumber. This sucker is totally legit and super stout with all drawbored mortise and tenons. I wanted a change from my Nicholson style bench and came up with this. The design inspiration is from benchcrafted bench, roubo, anarchist, and Bob and Dave's good fast and cheap bench. - PLANS / MERCH / & MORE - 🤍 *TOOLS LINKS* My hand plane - 🤍 My Block plane - 🤍 Circular Saw - 🤍 Thickness planer - 🤍 Delta Table Saw - 🤍 Drill Guide - 🤍 Drill/impact driver combo set - 🤍 Crubber vise liner (gasket material) - 🤍 3/8" pencil sharpener for pegs - 🤍 Gents Dovetail saw - 🤍 Coping Saw- 🤍 Marking knife - 🤍 Starrett combination square - 🤍 Thorex mallet - 🤍 Combination marking/mortise gauge - 🤍 Stanley benchtop tape measure - 🤍 Dividers - 🤍 Combination oil stone - 🤍 Translucent Arkansas stone - 🤍 square awl - 🤍 GOOD pencil sharpener - 🤍 Consumables Liquid Hide Glue (old brown glue) - 🤍 Green Honing Compound - 🤍 Pencils - 🤍 Finish Tried and True Varnish Oil (linseed oil+ resin) - 🤍 CAMERA EQUIPMENT (most budget-friendly setup on youtube) Camera (gopro) - 🤍 USB Microphone (voiceover) - 🤍 Lav Mic - 🤍

MySQL Workbench Tutorial


MySQL Workbench is a popular MySQL editor. It's free and available from the official MySQL website. If you're new to MySQL Workbench, then this tutorial will be helpful for you. In this video, you'll learn a few things, from how to start with creating a connection, running queries, and viewing some of the common features of the application. Here's a list of what's in the video (with links): 0:17 What is MySQL Workbench? 0:47 Home tab 1:27 Create a new connection in MySQL Workbench 2:43 Edit connections in MySQL Workbench 3:29 Overview of the UI 5:03 Write and run SQL queries 9:19 Object browser 10:49 Generate statements 11:47 Clean up code with Beautify 12:28 Snippets 13:15 Edit data from results panel /// RESOURCES Get my free SQL Cheat Sheets for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and Postgres here: 🤍 SQL Roadmap: an overview of SQL topics, which is a great place to start: 🤍 Contact me here for questions, sponsorship requests, and more: 🤍 Want to take your database and SQL skills to the next level? Sign up for Database Star Academy, the online platform for database development and SQL. Check it out here: 🤍

Building the Ultimate Workbench for my Dream Garage


I had to change and move my SCS discount code because it got picked up by bots; it's available in my IG for anyone looking for 15% off an order! Check out SCS's services: 🤍 In today's episode, I'm building a MASSIVE workbench to get my dream garage organized. Small parts and hardware organization has been a real challenge for me in the workshop, so I'm fabricating and 3D printing my way into the craziest workbench I've ever made. General Links: Video Camera: 🤍 Microphone: 🤍 DSLR: 🤍 Merch: 🤍 Chapters: 00:00 Introduction 00:29 Workbench Design 00:50 Toolbox Selection 01:50 Creating a Massive Working Surface for Projects 02:17 Creating Systems to Work More Efficiently 02:42 Working in Triplets 03:42 3D Printed... WHAT? 05:30 A V12 Shop Surprise 07:32 Fabrication Continues 09:15 Countertops 11:07 The Hardware Organizer Bin Challenge 14:00 Next Episode's Challenge Get Build Updates Before YouTube by Following me on Instagram: 🤍 WARNING: This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is AT YOUR OWN RISK. As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases (paid link).

Ultimate MFT workbench with built in router, dust extractor, festool systainer drawers and fridge


music by Mft templete: 🤍 Bora casters: 🤍 Hardwere mounting jig: 🤍

What Is The Right Height For A Hand Tool Workbench ?


Rob Cosman talks about how to determine the right workbench height for you If you like our content please LIKE us, SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel, and RING THE BELL to be notified whenever we release a new video. _ * MOXON VISE BUILD VIDEO: 🤍 * SUBSCRIBE TO ROB"S MONTHLY WOODWORKING TIPS NEWSLETTER - 🤍 * SUBSCRIBE TO ROB'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL TO TAKE YOUR WOODWORKING TO THE NEXT LEVEL: 🤍 * POPULAR VIDEO PLAYLISTS: - Sharpening Plane Blades and Chisels: 🤍 - Hand Plane Basics: 🤍 - Woodworking Tips and Tricks: 🤍 - Hand Cut Dovetails: 🤍 - Best of Rob Cosman Videos: 🤍 - Tool Reviews: 🤍 - Rob Cosman Workbench: 🤍 * SUBSCRIBE TO ROB'S ONLINE WORKSHOP - 🤍 * LIVE YOUTUBE WORSHOPS - Every other saturday at 6:00pm Eastern Time * QUESTIONS — Have a question about the Tools, Techniques, or Anything Else you saw in this video? Post your question in the comments section of this video! * VISIT OUR STORE - To learn more or purchase any of the tools you saw Rob use in this video, please visit our retail store at 🤍 * LEARN ABOUT ROB'S PURPLE HEART PROJECT: 🤍 * DONATE TO THE PURPLE HEART PROJECT: 🤍 * FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: FACEBOOK - 🤍 INSTAGRAM - 🤍

The Japanese Workbench - a Planing Beam


A traditional Japanese planing beam, mostly used for thin and long pieces like shoji stiles and rails but it can be adapted and used also for other woodworking tasks. I've added two extra features, a V groove to hold the pieces at 45 degrees when using the chamfer plane and a rebate to edge plane the machine marks of the long kumiko strips. No fancy joinery on this project, just using basic techniques, spruce wood, screws and nails but made it a bit fancy with some dark stain and a rope wrap on the base. Enjoy! ■ Some tools used in the video: Suizan Saws 240 mm/9.5” Ryoba Folding Saw - 🤍 (Amazon) 240 mm/9.5” Dozuki Folding Saw - 🤍 (Amazon) 240 mm/9.5” Ryoba Standard Saw - 🤍 (Amazon) 240 mm/9.5” Dozuki Standard Saw - 🤍 (Amazon) 150mm/6” Dozuki Saw - 🤍 (Amazon) Double Side Flush Saw - 🤍 (Amazon) Suizan Youtube Channel 🤍 Book Japanese Woodworking Tools, Toshio Odate - 🤍 (Amazon) Sawhorses - made by me 🤍 Forged Nails - 🤍 (Dictum) Japanese Hammer Genno 115g/4oz - 🤍 (Dictum) Pfeil Marking Knife - 🤍 (Dictum) Bar Clamps - 🤍 (Dictum) Japanese Plane Kanna 58 mm blade - 🤍 (Amazon) ■ List of all my tools: 🤍 ■ Tools list on Amazon 🤍 ■ Plans and Products I make on my store here 🤍 ■ Follow my INSTAGRAM for insights and other projects: 🤍 As an Amazon and Dictum Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases made through these links. - Music: by Epidemic Sound: 🤍 0:00 Intro 1:14 The Low Stand 5:20 The Sawhorse 8:51 The Beam 10:00 Demo #woodworking #japanese #workbench

Best Workbench Ever??


I’ve waited since 2012 to get one of these workbenches, and I can honestly say, it was worth the wait. BadAss Workbenches are built as tough as they come. In fact, you may have shipping challenges because of it. But when you get your new BadAss Workbench into your shop and start using it, you’ll forget about any trouble you might have had getting it into your shop. I love working on this bench. That’s about all I have to say about that. Check out BadAss Workbench and see if it’s the right work bench for you too. Check out the BadAss Workbench website: 🤍 BadAss Workbenches: 🤍 BadAss Social 🤍 🤍 🤍 BadAss Workbench provided me with the workbench for this review. All viewpoints presented in this video are my own. My Patreon Account: 🤍 The best place for answers to your automotive questions: 🤍 Check out the ETCG Blog for the latest info: 🤍 Check out my ETCG1 channel: 🤍 Thanks for watching! My bench vice: 🤍 Answers to your automotive questions found here: 🤍 Social Network Links Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Google+: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Wanna see more stuff like this from ETCG? Information on Premium Membership: 🤍 Stay Dirty ETCG Due to factors beyond the control of EricTheCarGuy, it cannot guarantee against unauthorized modifications of this information, or improper use of this information.  EricTheCarGuy assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. EricTheCarGuy recommends safe practices when working with power tools, automotive lifts, lifting tools, jack stands, electrical equipment, blunt instruments, chemicals, lubricants, or any other tools or equipment seen or implied in this video.  Due to factors beyond the control of EricTheCarGuy, no information contained in this video shall create any express or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result.  Any injury, damage or loss that may result from improper use of these tools, equipment, or the information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not EricTheCarGuy®.

Building a custom corner workbench for my dream garage!


I walk you through the construction of a wooden workbench in my dream garage using leftover materials along with some new wood. I don't use any fancy methods like Kreg Jigs or other hidden fasteners, just a basic wooden frame fastened with 3 inch deck screws. I used leftover Ballixstix squire on the work top- Ballistix is intended for concrete, but works on wood and creates a chemical resistant layer, more durable than polyurethane. Check out 🤍meghanssupplydesign6872 for info about Ballistixs. At the end I discuss some of the design rationale as well as some of the other garage storage solutions I'm using. There are no paid endorsements in this video but I will say I'm also a big fan of 🤍speedfabrication475 and the drill/tool holders they make, and I love both my Husky cabinets/tool box as well as the old Gladiator storage cabinets I've had for years

Workbench 🔥😍


Making workbench for my workshop, unique design that you didn’t saw before, enjoy watching! Size 177x67 cm height 88 cm For this workbench manufacture, I used: - wood species: Pine oak - beech dowel8 m - glue - epoxy resin - oil wax (color - TEAK) - aqua-antiseptic (color - rosewood) length width thickness-mm 1:25 - Pine wood board 1680 х 80 х 45 -13 pcs 3:36 -Oak board 1680 х 100 х 45 -2 pcs 5:05 - Oak board 670 х 100 х 45 -2 pcs 10:12 - Oak 650 х 20 х 10 18 pcs 11:31- Epoxy resin 12:50 - Oak 830 х 100 х 100 4 pcs 15:44 - Oak 580 х 70 х 40 2 pcs 16:37 -Oak 490 х 100 х 45 2 pcs 18:58 - Oak 1270 х 100 х 45 2 pcs 22:42 - plywood 1005 х 490 х 12 1 pcs To support my channel and for the new projects PayPal: Vereshchak.Mr🤍 ▶ Instagram: 🤍 ▶ My email: vereshchaktt🤍 #workbench #homemade #woodworking

The "No Skill" DIY Workbench Build - Start Woodworking Series Launch (Class One)


Key Points: - It's solid with no racking or walking - Able to work boards on end, edge and face - Can be build by a "No Skill" beginner - Costs between $100 & $200 - Doesn't take long to finish - Easily repurposed for a lifetime of use Workbenches and having the tools/skills to build them is a chicken and egg situation for brand new woodworkers. So this bench is the fuse to light up a new hobby or study path. 3-4 simple hand tools that almost all woodworkers use and absolutely no previous skills is all it takes. And at the end of the build not only will you have a lifetime resource of a bench but also gained some skill and confidence plus the foundation tool of the series. While in this video I used about $200 in both materials and tool acquisition if you have access to a hand saw, screwdriver or drill, tape measure and square plus chose mdf or osb instead of plywood then you could get by with about $100 to finish the bench. And this is the foundation of an entirely new series at wortheffort. One designed for new woodworkers to start making messes. A skills development series that'll utilize a very limited set of hand tools (not much money) and a small 10" band saw. I'm labeling it a "sophomore level" course because it'll build upon the "Prerequisite Course" which highlighted some basic overall theories of the craft without to many projects. I hope you'll build along with us and bring along a friend/student of your own. Plans (sketch) - 🤍 Bonus: The Prerequisite Course Series - 🤍 Educator Prompts: - How does the "platform" used at the end of the video eliminate a bench "walking" in use? - How does having the wider screw anchors offered by the corner brackets reduce "racking" (the flexing from corner to corner of a piece)? - Why would you want to pound work over a leg vs the middle of a bench? Materials Used (links are NOT affilliate): - Corner Brackets, I believe made by many companies. Here I used 🤍 which is a associate page that will send a percentage of your purchase back to wortheffort. or 🤍 - Screws I used: 🤍 - Alternative Kit using 2x4 instead of 4x4: Simpson WBSK Workbench & Shelving Hardware Kit This channel is based on the value for value proposition. We depend upon patrons like you to subsidize our efforts. The time away from the 'real work' that pays bills and opportunity loss of time with family are our biggest expenses. So if you feel these videos and series are of value to you and others please consider shopping and patronizing these sites: - 🤍 - 🤍 - 🤍 - 🤍 for PayPal donations - 🤍 - 🤍 Non-"Affiliate" Amazon list of recommended stuff - 🤍

Workbench | S1 E2


A good workshop begins with a well-equipped workbench, and master woodworker Norm uses one from his own shop as a model for the conveniently-sized and affordable workbench he builds in this project. To purchase the measured drawing: 🤍 Visit our website at: 🤍 _The New Yankee Workshop_ is a co-production of Morash Associates, Inc. and WGBH Boston. #newyankeeworkshop #normabram #workbench

Adam Savage's New Custom Workbench!


Adam unveils his new shop workbench made over the past few months by engineer and woodworker Andrew Klein. Andrew delivered and installed the workbench while Adam was recently traveling, and Adam films his first reaction to seeing this gorgeous workbench in the cave and testing its features! We also get Andrew on the line to talk about its integrated functionality, including a surprise implementation of Adam's LED bench light! Andrew has listed all the elements he used in building Adam's workbench, along with links where to purchase them, here: 🤍 Watch Andrew build Adam's bench here: 🤍 (Note: Get 10% off all the bench's yellow switchable magnets with the code TESTED: 🤍 Workbench book Adam mentioned: 🤍 Matt Cremona milled the slabs for this bench; watch that process here: 🤍 Disclaimer: Tested may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through the links here. Tested Ts, stickers, mugs and more: 🤍 Subscribe for more videos (and click the bell for notifications): 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Amazon Storefront: 🤍 Savage Industries T-shirts: 🤍 Tested is: Adam Savage 🤍 Norman Chan 🤍 Joey Fameli 🤍 Gunther Kirsch 🤍 Ryan Kiser 🤍 Jen Schachter 🤍 Kishore Hari 🤍 Sean Charlesworth 🤍 Jeremy Williams 🤍 Kayte Sabicer 🤍 Bill Doran 🤍 Ariel Waldman 🤍 Darrell Maloney 🤍 Kristen Lomasney 🤍 Intro bumper by Abe Dieckman Set design by Danica Johnson 🤍 Set build by Asa Hillis 🤍 Thanks for watching! #adamsavage

Wish I Knew This Before Building My Workbench!


Its been 1 year since I built my Paul Sellers Woodworking Workbench. Today, lets discuss some changes I would make when I building my next hand tool bench. Subscribe: 🤍 Music: 🤍 More LastingBuild Videos: Channel Trailer: 🤍 How to Drawbore: 🤍 French Cleat Tool Wall: 🤍 How to dimension lumber with hand tools: 🤍 Paul Seller’s Workbench Build: 🤍 Pizza spatula(Peel) build: 🤍 Timber Frame Arbor Scale Model: 🤍 My Favorite Tools: Wood is Good 20 Ounce Mallet 🤍 Wood is Good 18 Ounce Mallet 🤍 Wood is Good 30 Ounce Mallet 🤍 Stanley Sweetheart Chisels 🤍 Stanley #4 Bench Plane 🤍 Stanley No.62 Low Angle Jack Plane 🤍 Stanley Marking Knife 🤍 Husqvarna 13” Wooden Hatchet 🤍 Dewalt 20 Volt Drill and impact driver 🤍 Disclaimer: LastingBuild is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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